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Visit the EPCC webpage Catalog and Schedule of Classes calendars to obtain the specific dates of enrollment for all semesters.

For information on Admissions and Registration, please visit us live at: https://www.epcc.edu/Admissions

View EPCC webpage Academic Calendar to verify payment deadlines. All registrations including Continuing Education and Workforce Training courses must be paid by the published deadline.

Students with Loans and/or Financial Aid: Students enrolling and awarded a form of aid through loans and/or federal aid such as PELL are considered "paid" registrations and will not be dropped.

Contact the Bursars office, if you apply for a loan and later register for extra credit classes, the loan will not automatically be adjusted to pay for the added classes.

For more information on Financial Aid or Veterans Affairs visit:https://www.epcc.edu/Admissions/FinancialAid or https://www.epcc.edu/Services/Military-Veterans

If you plan on not attending classes, YOU must drop the classes prior to the first day of the semester or you will be responsible for repayment.

Enter your 8-digit EPCC ID and PIN to Login.

To retrieve your PIN, input your EPCC ID number and click on "Forgot PIN?".

Call the Help Desk at (915)831-6440 if you need further assistance.

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