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Online Registration Registration for specific semesters or courses with different start and end dates from the current regular semester may have restricted registration dates and different payment deadlines; - please check the EPCC webpage Catalog and Schedule of Classes calendars for specific availability periods.

Payment Deadline: Online payment at time of registration is preferred. Payment also can be made in person at any campus cashier during normal business hours Monday - Friday. Payment for all other registrations (including Continuing Education /Workforce Training Classes) must be made by 5:30 p.m. on published deadline days. For the classes you are enrolling into, please verify payment deadlines in the College Catalog and Schedule of Classes calendars on the EPCC webpage.

SPECIAL NOTE for Students with Loans and/or Financial Aid: Students enrolling with Loans and Financial Aid (PELL) are considered as “paid” registrations and will not be dropped on payment deadline day. If you apply for a loan and then later register for additional credit classes, the loan will automatically be adjusted to pay for the added classes. If you decide to not attend classes, YOU must drop the classes prior to the first day of the semester or you will be responsible for repayment of the loan or FA.

Enter your 8 digit EPCC ID and PIN to Login. Call the Help Desk at (915)831-6440 with any problems.To protect your privacy, Exit and close browser when finished.


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